Cybersecurity – Simplified

Your company’s network security is always top of mind. Not only do you need to keep your company’s information safe and secure, but your customer’s confidential information as well.

  • “But cybersecurity solutions cost a lot, right?”


    Traditional cybersecurity services can come with a hefty price tag, leaving many organizations not moving forward with such a crucial component of their company’s infrastructure.

    Penetration testing as a service (PTaaS) has eliminated those costly, one-time investments by providing cybersecurity solutions as a bundled, monthly service that provides a cost-effective cybersecurity solution that helps future-proof your business.

    (Traditional Bundled PTaaS Services Include: Penetration Testing (internal/external), Vulnerability Scans, Phishing, Cyber Incident Response Plans, Dark Web Monitoring, Policy/Procedure Creation, and more!)

  • “Who is cybersecurity right for?”


    Do you run a business? Do you manage an information technology department? Do you have to meet any industry/government regulations?

    If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, not only is cybersecurity right for you but is a key component in your company’s success now and into the future.

  • “Cybersecurity sounds confusing…”


    It can be!

    So instead of having to juggle phishing, ransomware, vulnerability scanning, etc. all on your own, Stratus ip helps simplify the entire process by:

    1. Building the Right Solution
    2. Implementing the New Solution
    3. Managing the Entire Solution.

  • “What type of cybersecurity services are there?”


    Here are the five most common cybersecurity services business need:

    Managed Detection and Response & Endpoint Protection (MDR/XDR): fully managed SIEM/SOC solutions with global redundancy, advanced analytics, containment & remediation with support available 24x7x365. Ours is a truly vendor neutral solution.

    Network Penetration Test: simulate real-world attacks to identify threats to your internal/external network infrastructure (we find issues 100% of the time!)

    Vulnerability Scans: constantly checking to see your network and systems are protected and ensure your organization stays in compliance with any and all security standards.

    Phishing Campaigns: with phishing being a factor in over 90% of security incidents, we simulate real-world phishing attacks that serve as a teaching opportunity for your team and to help you understand your organization’s user behavioral risks.

    Compliance Readiness Assessments/Gap Analysis: Does your company get audited by industry or government regulators? If so, a readiness assessment will help ensures that pass your audit with flying colors.

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